Monday, February 8, 2016

Michel Ngakala: MNTV/Radio is the only successful investment of Maurice Nguesso.

Michel Ngakala initiated a meeting and invited me to attend. The said meeting took place on the 21st of February 2014 at 11am and the venue was the headquarters of the Congolese Workers Party abbreviated in French as PCT, during that meeting, Michel Ngakala told me this: if MNTV is a success today, it is thanks to your professionalism and courage. And he (Michel Ngakala) added: Maurice Nguesso is a failure in all what he does. He is nonetheless creative and inventive. He likes to create companies, but none of his creations are successful. However, MNTV/Radio is the only thing or investment that he (Maurice Nguesso) has done and that has succeeded. Michel Ngakala is a close friend and even a relative to President Denis Sassou Nguesso and he (Michel Ngakala) is also from the same tribe, village and region, as the president. Michel Ngakala is amongst the extremist of the extended ruling clan, who think that, Denis Sassou Nguesso must remain in power everlastingly and if he ever wants to leave power one day, he must be succeeded by his son Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso or any other member of the ruling family. In Michel Ngakala’s view, Congo is a Republican monarchy, where only the Nguesso or their Mbouchi tribe can rule.

Michel Ngakala is also a tribalist and a macho who thinks that, women should not be given responsibilities any where besides staying at home bearing and raring children.  Michel Ngakala is the deputy secretary general of the ruling party in charge of reorganization and he is a pure product of the Communist party. Michel Ngakala was first member of the ruling party militia known in French as: “milice populaire.” Michel Ngakala who is polygamous has no formal higher education and his known profession before being saved by the Congolese Workers Party was a fisherman on the Alima River and also carried passengers when fishing was bad, from one bank of the river to the other. Michel Ngakala is the archetype of Northern Congolese from the Mbouchi tribe. He is brutal, savage and uncouth. He has little or no respect for women. Hence, he hates Mrs. Arlette Soudan-Nonault, who is a lady and also the special adviser to the secretary general of the ruling party Mr Pierre Ngolo. In Michel Ngakala’s view, women should either stay at home or never have any position of command if they are working. In the political milieu, Michel Ngakala wants women to have the role of dancers to please men and never “aspirational” for any leadership position.

Michel Ngakala is amongst those who have made Congolese women and girls to be amongst the laziest if not in Africa but in the world. And Mrs. Arlette Soudan-Nonault is a modern woman who doesn’t fall into what Michel Ngakala would like Congolese women to be, hence he hates her. And When I began the interviewing programme called La Grande Interview and invited every shades of opinion to speak, I was accused by members of the ruling family that, I was working for the opposition. In their opinion, the opposition did not have the right to express themselves on any television stations in the country. I was even once told by Malot Okemba, one of the nephews of the President that: stop inviting opposition party members to express themselves on the TV of our uncle. If the opposition wants to express their opinion, they can go and create their own Television station in BasCongo or elsewhere.  What Malot Okemba did not know was that, his uncle will not grant license to any person who is not close to their family or the ruling party. 

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