Friday, February 19, 2016

Congo: Destroyed educational system

Congolese elite seldom send their children to attend Congolese public schools or even private ones. Those who do, they only send their children to elite private schools such as Saint Exupery or Saint Francoise D’assise.  The first is owned by the French government, hence it is known as Lycee Francaise, while the second is owned by Arlette Soudan-Nonault. She is the niece to President Denis Sassou Nguesso  and also the wife of a white French journalist by name Francois Soudan. And fees in these schools are prohibitive. The elite do not send their children to public or even ordinary schools in Congo because they are mindful of the fact that, they (government of Denis Sassou Nguesso) have destroyed the educational system which was at some point, amongst the best in French-speaking black Africa. To understand how calamitous the educational system of Congo has become, a pupil or student needs an average of 6/20 to pass to a superior class. And when at the Lycee du 5 Fevrier, located north of Brazzaville in February  2014, a new principal  arrived and said or ordered that, to pass to a superior class a student needs an average  of 10/20, there was riot. The educational system in Congo is corrupt and fraught with fraudulent results. Exams cheat and other malpractices are widely tolerated and encouraged by the government.


This is a country where in, a majority wallows in abject poverty, while a minority of the “happy few” elite, are capable to hire a cargo plane to take their cars to France for repairs and also take their cloths to Paris to be cleansed or watched. This is so because, according to the “happy few”, the dry cleaning firms in Congo are not good enough for them. In spite knowing all these, I still thought that, working with them and allowing people to express themselves freely on MNTV /MN Radio, might help  change or improve things in Congo , especially within the government.

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