Monday, January 11, 2016

The family and political cabal against Maurice Nguesso

Maurice Nguesso may claim that he is not a communist and also that, he doesn’t like politics, but in 2007, he attempted to be elected as an MP under the banner of the ruling communist oriented Congolese Workers Party abbreviated in French as PCT. But his candidacy was invalidated by the ruling party. The ruling Congolese Workers Party claimed that, their decision was driven by the fact that, they wanted peace and stability in the country, after the same party, had earlier, invalidated the candidacy of Mathias Dzon. Mr. Dzon was a former finance minister of President Denis Sassou Nguesso and now his main rival. The reasons advanced in 2007 to invalidate the candidacies of Maurice Nguesso and Mathias Dzon doesn’t stand or is not convincing enough. There are more reasons behind the packaged official message. For in 2012 during the legislative elections, Maurice Nguesso never stood for the legislative elections, but Mathias Dzon did. And once again, Mathias Dzon was sent out. However, this time another form of crude show of force was used. The results of the legislative elections were doctored in favour of Mr Ngouelondele, who is the Lord Mayor of the Brazzaville Greater City Council and son in law to President Denis Sassou Nguesso.

And the questions that need to be asked are the following: did the party cadres of the ruling party not foresee that, overturning the results in Gamboma 1 electoral constituency will create or created violence in the most populated town in northern Congo?  Or is it that, Gamboma’s violence can’t cause any major problems nationally? The truth in the case of Mathias Dzon and which might not be the same with Maurice Nguesso is that, president Denis Sassou Nguesso had before and in 2012 legislative elections, given firm instructions to his minister of interior , Raymond Z. Mboulou that, he(Denis Sassou Nguesso) doesn’t want Matthias Dzon elected into Congo’s parliament.   As regards to the official reason advanced in 2007 concerning the invalidation of the candidacy of Maurice Nguesso, he (Maurice Nguesso) also rejects those reasons advanced by cadres of the ruling party to justify the reason why his candidacy for MP was nullified in 2007. According to Maurice Nguesso, there is a cabal within the ruling party. A cabal that doesn’t want him to have any influence on the side of his younger brother, for they know that, if he wields any political clout, his younger brother will listen to him. He might not entirely be wrong.

For when Maurice Nguesso created his radio and television station, most cadres of the ruling party as well as some members of his own family thought that, it would end up like most of his investments. However, when they discovered that, it was not only successful and was giving or allowing Congolese from different shades of opinion to express themselves freely, they decided to expel, the brain behind the success of MNTV on fallacious grounds, this in a bid to destroy him just as they did in 2007 legislative elections. In the Nguesso ruling family, Maurice Nguesso is the patriarch.  Although some might be jealous or turn to sometimes ignore him, he nonetheless remains a respected figure, first by his younger brother, then by the ruling Nguesso tribe. A ruling tribe whose intriguing expansions have grown tenfold since Denis Sassou Nguesso became president in 1979. 

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