Friday, January 22, 2016

Maurice Nguesso: a rich patriach at the head of a divided ruling Nguesso family

Like in almost any other family around the world, the ruling Nguessos are also divided into camps or material and ideologies. Strange as it will appear to most, there are many within the ruling family who are in support of freedom of speech, real democracy and also against corruption. And there are also some extremists within the Nguesso ruling family who think that, they have been chosen by God to rule Congo for eternity. There are also some who  think that, they are more legitimate than other members within the ruling family and also those who are the ancestors(real) or the ancients and those whose genealogy or belongingness have just been discovered and thus considered doubtful. And most often than not, the authenticity of the newly minted Nguessos are doubted by the ancients, but the ancients can’t express their views, because their father and the only surviving uncle believe that, a real bantu-man seldom rejects or refuses a child. It may partly explain the reason why, the children purportedly fathered either by President Denis Sassou Nguesso or his elder brother, Maurice Nguesso keeps growing. President Denis Sassou Nguesso has 29 children as of the 2012 count and the number may have increased by now to 31.

While Maurice Nguesso had as at 2012, 19 children and it is certain that, it has now reached 21.  The authentic or undoubted children of Maurice or Denis may have their weaknesses but they are most often more humble and polite than the new comers who have suddenly discovered the power and success of having a father or an uncle who is president of the Republic for life. The newly minted Nguessos most often than not have the attitude of newly converted Christians or nouveau riche. These last ones are most often the ones who are overconfident and have help to destroy the already filthy image of their father or uncle.  The Nguessos have their share of problems, but one thing that distinguishes them is that, no matter the nature of their internal disagreements which hovers mostly over salacious matters and money or properties, they most often than not, turn to be united in front of an imaginary or real external threat. He is loved by the Congolese. Besides him, the only other member of the ruling family adored by ordinary Congolese is or was the late Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba. The other member of the ruling family who is simple and accepted by Congolese is Mrs. Lydie Hortense Kourissa.  

Maurice Nguesso is the owner of several companies ranging from security, media, aeronautics, micro-finance and oil.  One of his companies operating in the security sub sector is called SOMAG, is the largest private employer in Congo after the state with 2000 staff on its payroll. He also owns a micro-finance company called CREMAF or Credit Mutuelle d’Afrique.  CREMAF have 63 agencies around the country and it is perhaps the second micro-finance body in Congo in term of national coverage. He also owns an oil company called Petroleum and has made a second solo come back into the aviation sector with the launching of Air Congo Express.  The said company would have directed by a Congolese Helicopter trained pilot by name James Raymond Likibi. However, there was a problem with Air Congo Express, for it was off to a false start. 

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