Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ninelle Sassou Nguesso’s vendetta over MNCOM

She is claimed by some Congolese to have won the unenviable crown of the ugliest of the daughters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Personally, I do not share that opinion because, whatever her weaknesses, she remains the creature of God. She is pretty. If she was not, the mayor of Brazzaville won’t have been dying for her. And more, beauty is not only about external appearances. Congolese, who are a people who are very conscious of their physical appearance, also claim that, ugly women are also those who are the most wicked. Once again here, I do not share their opinion. As far as I am concern, all women are beautiful. As for Mr Jean-Bruno Obambi, he is the CEO of Azur Telecom, a local mobile phone company present in three African countries: Congo, Central African Republic and Gabon.

In Congo, other mobile telephone companies operating in the country are complaining that Azur Telecom that Jean- Bruno Obambi is the managing Director, doesn’t pay interconnection fees, they (Azur Telecom) are crumbling under a bag load of debts. Azur Telecom is not also a paragon of management like anything attached to the ruling family. Sometimes workers go for months without being paid and that is the hallmark of all or any company owned by the Nguessos. Although Azur Telecom doesn’t pay her interconnection fees, which penalizes other mobile operators, nothing can be done to her because they have the name tag of the Nguesso and as such, derive influenced from the presidency. Congo under Denis Sassou Nguesso is the land of selective impunity, especially for his family and also those gravitating around the ruling family. As far as I was concern and this in regard to how I was doing my job, some members of the ruling family could not understand the reason why, a family journalist, as they termed me, could decide to do his (my) job professionally. They wanted me to act as a propagandist to the family and the regime. I once told Edgard Nguesso that, I will willingly promote any member of the family or any action of the regime, if it is honest and for the greater good.

My only crime in the eyes of the Ninelle Sassou Nguesso fringe of the family was that, I allowed Congolese to express themselves freely. When her wing of the family and even their father of a president, were annoyed with me, I concluded that, they were stupid and never knew how to strategize. I also sensed that, contrary to what I thought, they were vulnerable. Hence, they use force, violence, intimidation and financial corruption to buy loyalty and support. My professional or working style would have been an opportunity for them to know what Congolese were really thinking about them and also how the country was being managed. The Congo that I knew and this from feed backs of the real people was far away from the lies that, some ministers and supporters of the regimes regularly churned out to them. What I also concluded was that, the Ninelle Sassou Nguesso fringe of the ruling family, which was the majority, never liked the truth. They prefer those who lied to them than those who were honest with them. And that will be how easy they will lose power one day, for they won’t know or see when the end of their chaotic reigns begins. The first person in the ruling family who was baying for my blood was Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, one of the many daughters of the president and wife of the Lord Mayor of the Greater Brazzaville  City Council.

One day, after insulting her cousin who is Mrs. Lydie Hortense Kourissa, she added to terminate her barrage of insults on Mrs. KOURISSA that, I was against her husband (Hugues Ngouelondele). Why? Simply because, Alexandre Pierre BOUGHA, the programme Director, had introduced a Radio phone- in- programme on MN Radio called “Overture sûr l’info”. This programme was presented by a talented journalist called Regis ASSOULA. It was a simple programme. Listeners had to call to denounce what they did not like or what was not going on well in the city and also in the country. Since the city of Brazzaville was dirty, and it was Hugues Ngouelondele, the Lord Mayor and husband to Ninelle, she (Ninelle) never wanted that the programme should continue. She wanted the programme to be suspended.

Eventually, I decided to suspend the programme after I sensed that, Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, one of the daughters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso and the wife of Hugues Ngouelondele, the Lord Mayor of Greater Brazzaville City Council, had made the phone- in- programme on MN Radio called: “Overture sûr l’info”, one of the main subject of their regular family meetings. Ninelle Sassou Nguesso claimed during one of their meeting that, it was Jean De Dieu KOURISSA, the husband of Mrs. KOURISSA, who has ordered me to start a smear campaign against her husband (Hugues Ngouelondele). The origin of the intra ruling Nguesso family feud pitting on one side Lydie Hortense Kourissa, the eldest daughter of Maurice Nguesso and on the other side, Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, the daughter of Denis Sassou Nguesso began in 2007 legislative and Council elections. It was Jean De Dieu KOURISSA, that, the ruling PCT councilors in Brazzaville voted and wanted him (Jean De Dieu KOURISSA) to become Lord Mayor of the Greater Brazzaville city Council. But Isidore MVOUBA, former Prime Minister, and currently Minister of Commerce, told me that, Ninelle Sassou Nguesso was vehemently opposed. 

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