Friday, February 26, 2016

Mrs. Adelaide Yvonne Moungani MP:minister of Small, Medium Size Companies and Artisans

Mrs. Adelaide Yvonne Moungani MP: Mrs. Adelaide Yvonne Mouagny is an MP and minister of Small, Medium Size Companies and Artisans. She was formerly known as Adelaide Mondele Ngollo, the ex- wife of General Benoit Mondele Ngollo, who until recently, he was the prefect of the Brazzaville prefecture. General Benoit Mondele Ngollo is an accomplished author, who is also known for his blunt way of speaking. He was also the former minister of public works and childhood friend of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. General Benoit Mondele Ngollo has been dismissed from the post of the prefect of Brazzaville, allegedly because he wrote a letter to President Denis Sassou Nguesso asking him to respect the constitution of the country and leave power when his mandate ends in August 2016. That is the real Benoit, blunt and straightforward.

As for Mrs. Adelaide Moungani, she is said or believed to be a neck deep communist, who was once a member of the youth wing the Red party known in Congo as “the Pioneers.”   Mrs. Adelaide Moungani was also member of the Communist party militia under President Alphonse Massamba-Debat known as “popular militia”. She remained a member of the popular militia even under Commandant Marien Ngouabi, the successor of Massamba-Debat. President Massamba-Debat, the man who made Congo to become a Communist country, was overthrown on the 5th of August 1968 in a popular uprising. That coup d’état was not only correcting the communist orientation of the country, it also changed the balance of power between southern and northern Congolese.  The 1968 coup d’état also brought the northerners and the Mbouchi tribe in power, a position they have held since then, only losing power in 1992, following the holding of multiparty democratic presidential elections, that saw the victory of Professor Pascal Lissouba, a southern communist, turn liberal democrat. Mrs. Mouagny is believed to have been the girl friend or “wife” of Ange Diawara, a comrade in arms of Marien Ngouabi, but who decided on the 22nd of February 1972 to overthrow the first, because the second and his leftist oriented group of soldiers accused Marien Ngouabi of diverting from pure Communist ideology.  

Ange Diawara was a real revolutionary who wanted to rectify the errors of Marien Ngouabi, hence he staged the coup d’état of 1972, that General Benoit Mondele Ngolo was also took part. The coup d’état of Ange Diawara failed and was transformed into a rebellion, which ended a year later, after Ange Diawara and his men, were overwhelmed militarily and he was killed. After the death of Ange Diawara, Mrs. Adelaide Moungani was “recuperated” or taken by General Benoit Mondele Ngolo, who was the comrade in arms and in the rebellion with her “husband’” Ange Diawara. Today, the soft spoken Mrs. Adelaide Moungani, who is an MP and minister in Sassou Nguesso’s government since 2009, is equally ambitious. But hers is a local ambition, for she only wants to become the leader of the Pool region, arguably the most educated, most politically aware and also the most restive in the country.  She is one of the rare women of influence of the country who have risen from the rank and file of the ruling Congolese Workers Party to be respected. Her political rival in the region is Isidore Mvouba MP, former prime minister and current coordinating minister of the pool of Industry and Commerce. Politically, she is too attached to President Denis Sassou Nguesso and despite her determination and militancy; she has very little credibility within her native region and around the country. Her past role within the party has been forgotten. People think that, she is where she is because, she has betrayed the cause defended by Ange Diawara.

Her age, is another handicap and I doubt whether she can play any major role within the region and the country beyond the tenure of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Her only ambition currently is to remain minister, hence she is fighting for President Denis Sassou Nguesso to change the constitution and remain in power. Unlike other ministers or to be precise, Mrs. Claudine Munari, she seldom expresses her opinion on national or regional issues. It is perhaps the memory or heritage of repression under communism that makes her to speak very little. She only speaks when ordered by the President to, hence the rumors around Brazzaville, that, she is one of the mistresses of the President and also the raison why she divorced her former husband.   General Benoit Mondele Ngollo used a court order banning her from using his name. Hence she is called Mrs. Moungani. The other person and member of the political elite that I have met and even befriended is Alain Akouala Atipault also known affectionately as 3 A o and also by some as “Cerveau Bleu” or in English: Bleu Brain, whatever that means is left to authors to explain and I have never cared to find out.
I think it was a mistake. However, I suspect it has something to do with the Gamboma royalty that I suspect he has a distant connection.

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