Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Was Marien Ngouabi a Womanizer?


Some Congolese elite, in particular those from the greater north are known to be vengeful, susceptible and inveterate womanizers. However, that was what the Diplomat that I met in Washington DC told me. He even went the extra mile in telling me or in accusing Marien Ngouabi as the mentor of all the excesses practiced by those currently ruling Congo. He added: “Marien Ngouabi was also the one who introduced and officilaized the immoral trend in the country, whereby, rich and powerful Congolese snatch the wives of poor and weak Congolese.” The Congolese diplomat supported his claim with this example: “Marien Ngouabi’s widow, Celine, was grabbed from a teacher in Dolisie and he (Marien Ngouabi’s) banned the said teacher from setting foot in Brazzaville”. He also told me: “Marien Ngouabi was a womanizer, who inspired his brothers now ruling, in the bestial manners in which they are reacting, by getting married to several women, especially under aged girls”. He went ahead: “in order to justify their bestiality and refusal to align to modernity, northerners now governing the country have encouraged polygamy by invoking African traditions”.  And he concluded: “the reality is that, since they are rich, wicked, undereducated and greedy, marrying several wives is their only means to exhibit their wealth and political power and also another astute method for them to launder their ill gotten wealth”.  How? I asked. He replied: “Because by getting married to several women and this done officially and also unofficially, it gives the individual or individuals, the opportunity to open several bank accounts using the names of his official wives and also the names of the relatives of their wives. This way, he or they can easily evade control at home, but mostly abroad: Western Europe and USA”.


He also told me that: “Marien Ngouabi had vowed to revenge all northerners who were killed during the 1959 civil war”. However, he added: “even though Marien Ngouabi was evil, he was different from most northerners who are savages and uneducated, for he was well educated and also had some flashes of humane behaviors”. But he never told me what humane acts Marien Ngouabi did. He concluded: “what southern Congolese will never forget is that, when Marien and his northerners came to power, they, at Marien’s request and inspiration, decided to purge the civil service of the most competent southern civil servants to be replaced by incompetent northerners. Marien Ngouabi also supervised and encouraged the killing of southerners who were cadres or who were officers in the army”. 

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