Friday, May 6, 2016

Ghys Fortune Bemba: Profile of a militant and fearless jourrnalist

Ghys Fortune Bemba: he is a journalist and publisher of a weekly newspaper called Talassa. Unfortunately, Talassa has been indefinitely banned by the government of Congo on the instruction of the president of the Republic, so I was told by Philippe Mvouo. Mr Mvouo is the head of the National Communications Council, a government body in charge of monitoring the press. Mr Bemba, who is must be said is not a journalist by profession but a theologian, who is at the forefront in the crusade against corruption and also against the dictatorial government of Denis Sassou Nguesso. unlike other professional journalists such as Joachim Mbanza or Alphonse Ndongo, who take precautions, Ghys Fortune Bemba enjoys risk taking when it come to denouncing corruption, state sponsored brutalities and all the excesses of the regime of Denis Sassou Nguesso. He likes championing lost causes and for that, he has also paid the price. Hence on several occasions he has been arrested and tortured. And sometimes, he is on voluntary exile in France or in Cameroon where he studied theology at the Protestant University of Yaoundé. He is militant and fearless and uses his paper to write or criticize corruption, human rights abuses and obstructions to press freedom and democracy.

What he lacks professionally and intellectually is compensated through his militant posturing. His fearless or boldness have helped solve several problems in the country. However, the only problem that I have noticed with Bemba is that, he likes talking more how he has succeeded in becoming rich with his colleague than on how to help improve the profession and also how best to fight against the current dictatorship.  When I came to see him, he will spend a long periods talking about his new buildings or his new car Rental Company. Like any other person of his stature, he has his own detractors. Some claim that, he can’t write French, while others claim that, he was formerly working in collaboration with General Jean Francois Ndenguet. But I have no proves of all those allegations. For if he was working for General Jean Francois Ndenguet as claimed by some of his detractors, his newspaper won’t have been ban and he would not have been a wanted man in the country. However, what I know with him is that, he is close to the opposition, in particular to Andre Okombi Salissa.

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