Sunday, May 15, 2016

General Pierre Oba: Profile of an author and the current minister of Mining and Geology

General Pierre Oba: he is an author and the current minister of Mining and Geology. And he is also one of the strongest supports of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. The 64 year old, is the author of the book: Le Protocole de Brazzaville, une victoire Congolaise meconnue, in French or in English, the Brazzaville Protocol: an unknown Congolese victory. It is rumored that, he knows all the secrets of Denis Sassou Nguesso and even the darkest of them. Hence, he is so attached to Denis Sassou Nguesso, for whom he is also suspected to have committed a lot of political assassinations. General Pierre Oba aka Peter, is also considered as Sassou Nguesso’s man for mission impossible, consequently, it is claimed that, he has a lot of blood in his hands.He was the God father of late Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba and when she was alive, Pierre Oba held the same position currently held by Jean Dominique Okemba on the side of the Sassou Nguesso. Besides that, he is an excellent negotiator. He did play a central role in negotiations between the South African, Angolan, former USSR, Cuban and US governments, which led to the Brazzaville Protocol.  The Brazzaville accord was signed on the 13th of December 1988 and it is the central piece of his book above mentioned, wherein, he tries to explain the fundamental role played by Congolese diplomacy. 

In spite his influence, the tall and imposing but now frail man, remains humble and speaks very little. The lengthy stay of this father of several children and a polygamist in the government and his acquaintance with high profile Africans and western diplomats has given him a different view on how to handle sensitive matters. While he is not for total free speech, he is methodic and he won’t brutalise a journalist, the same way as Jean Dominique Okemba or jean François Ndenguet are currently doing. He understands the essence of public relations and he also has respect for people. However, he reacts quickly and firmly whenever there is anything information that has to with the security of the state and also the security of the president of the Republic. Even though he is no longer policing the country as he used to do when he was minister of interior, his prolonged stay within the intelligence services has made him to have a formidable network of informants around the country. Hence, when a commission of inquiry was created by the President to investigate the causes of the March 4th 2012 explosions at an ammunition depot northeast of Brazzaville, he was the chosen to chair the commission. It demonstrated to the face of the world once again how much confidence that, the president of the Republic has in him. He is such a diehard supporter of the President of the Republic. He even claims that there is no other person capable of governing Congo other than Denis Sassou Nguesso. His greatest adversaries nonetheless in the system especially within the security apparatus are Jean Dominique Okemba and Jean Francois Ndenguet, both of whom he suspects of having a secret agenda against the President of the Republic.

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