Saturday, March 5, 2016

Henri Ossebi MP: profile of a professional liar

Henri Ossebi MP, he is the minister of Hydraulics and Energy and also a former university lecturer at the Marien Ngouabi University, located in Brazzaville. It is claimed by people close to him that, his post within the government was achieved thanks to the lobbying of Edgard Nguesso. Mr Edgard Nguesso is the nephew of President Denis Sassou Nguesso and also the Director of Presidential Domains. Besides his official functions, Edgard Nguesso is the honorary chair of a foundation called: Generation Avenir, in which Henri Ossebi has worked in their think tank section called Agir pour le Congo. This think tank metamorphosed into a political party under whose banner he was elected as MP for Abala.  Abala is an electoral constituency, located in the Plateau region of Congo. And because Henri Ossebi is today what he is politically, he is considered by his detractors as the poodle of Edgard Nguesso. This claim has some substance because,  contrary to others who became ministers through chaperoning, Henri Ossebi has proven with disbelieve that, he can’t express himself honestly, in particular in the presence of Edgard Nguesso. He is therefore, one of the most dishonest intellectuals working for the government of Congo that I have met beside Professor Placide Modoudou. Mr Moudoudou is also a university don and an assistant to Jean Jacques Bouya at the ministry of Major Public Works, known in French as ministere des Grand Travaux.

As for Professor Placide Moudoudou, he is a proponent of what he calls “Bantu democracy” and also a member of the committee who wrote their “Bantu constitution”, which has permitted Denis Sassou Nguesso through fraud to abrogate the January 20th 2002 constitution. Professor Placide Moudoudou is also known within the academic world, in particular in France and in others parts of the French-speaking world, where academia is taken seriously, to be professional in plagiarism.  In a blog in titled: Archeologie du Copier-Coller, Jean-Darde (MCF, Universite Paris 8) wrote an article, accusing Professor Placide Modoudou of plagiarism. The lead of the article that was published online on the 30th of November 2015 is:  Professor Moudoudou: a strange constitutionalist or in French: Le doyen Moudoudou: Un drole de constitutionalist[i].  As for Henri Ossebi, he lies as he breathes or he is at the image of typical Congolese elite.

He is triple or a trinity, if one wants to use Roman Catholic parlance. That is: what he says, is not what he thinks and evidently, he acts differently.  And if he were a Muslim, he would make a good Shia Muslim.  For Henri Ossebi is brilliant at dissimulation or what is best at what is known as “takiya” in the Shia Islamic world. People like Henri Ossebi, who can’t express themselves and who also don’t have the courage to say what they think in public and even in private, for fear of losing their privileges are cowards of the worse orders, who are not only dangerous to themselves, but also to those they pretend to serve and above all to the country. Henri Ossebi is a polygamist who is also not appreciated within his family and also amongst the population of the neighborhood of Massengo, north of Brazzaville where he lives.  All around him people are not connected to the national power grid or connected to pipe borne water. But in his villa which is well gated, he has water and constant power supply. It is claimed by members of his family that, he is very selfish. Because he owes all what has today politically thanks to Edgard Nguesso, he has become blind to his supporters at but a fanatical supporter of the system, to a point that, he is ready to kill, just to maintain his privilege.

He is also a dictator and does like independent journalism and he seldom likes criticism. Furthermore, he doesn’t have any bit of professional espirit de corp with his colleagues. He is envious of most of his colleagues and especially his ministerial colleagues. The one he hates most is called Jean Bruno Richard Itoua. Mr Jean Bruno Richard Itoua, was the predecessor of Henri Ossebi at the ministry of Hydraulics and Energy, in fact they interchanged ministries. For Henri Ossebi was formerly head of the ministry of Scientific Research, which is currently headed by Jean Bruno Richard Itoua, but  It is not known why Henri Ossebi hates Jean Bruno Richard Itoua so much. He gets mad whenever any of his collaborators mentions the name of Jean Bruno Richard Itoua, so I was told by one staff. But I suspect that, his successor has revived the moribund ministry of scientific research to a point that, Henri Ossebi is acting the like the biblical story between King Saul and David.  When Henri Ossebi was at ministry of Scientific Research, the ministry did not even have a website and there were no budgets for research and now at the ministry of Hydraulics and energy is has done nothing new. If Congo were a serious country, Henri Ossebi won’t have any responsibility in that country’s government.  But since he is the protégé of Edgard Nguesso, he can be lazy and incompetent, he fears no sanctions.  

The Power situation in the country is worst under him than under Jean Bruno Richard Itoua, because he has no plans. Furthermore he has instituted monumental disorder with the state power and water utilities abbreviated SNDE and SNE. All he cares is create the enabling environment to line his pocket and those of his children. Politically, he has no future in Congo without Edgard Nguesso. His only other hope is that, since he spends time looking for witch doctors, who claim to have the power to maintain President Sassou Nguesso in power and who also claims to have the power to prolong live and keep the president in power for eternity, perhaps, the president who loves magical practices and other fetishes, will fall into his tricks and leave him in his post or appointment him elsewhere. Henri Ossebi is a catastrophe and they are amongst those who are contributing to make Denis Sassou Nguesso unpopular. What is certain is that, he will play little or no role in Congo in case the charms of the witch Doctors that he relies on fail to keep the president in power. His place will be at the University, if he still has the academic freshness and also the humility to go back where he rightfully belongs.

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