Thursday, March 3, 2016

Clement Mierassa: brilliant, honest,courageous, but poor(profile of an atypical Politician)

Clement Mierassa:  he is one of the most honest and courageous political leaders in the Congo. By profession, he is an economist, specialized in statistics, hence he is hated by President Denis Sassou Nguesso because, and whenever he advances figures, in particular in relations to corrupt practices in the country, they are accurate. He is also one of the four individuals that the President doesn’t want to see on TV or within the media landscape of Congo.  Like most, he was former minister under the first government of President Denis Sassou Nguesso.  However, he is today one of President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s most implacable adversaries. I have met and interviewed him on several occasions and I noticed that, he is not only a hard working and patriotic, he is humble and kind. He also has a mastery of regional, African and world affairs. Ideologically, he is leftist. But what I have not been able to distinguish is whether he is truly a leftist or his choice or ideological orientation was done by chance. What also stoke me with him is that, for a Congolese or French-speaking black African politician, he is not pro-French or pro-American or pro-Russia. He is nonaligned.   His main focus is how to improve the lives of Congolese and which he thinks can only happen, if Sassou Nguesso leaves power.

His focus is Congo and also the fight to end of the long reign of Denis Sassou Nguesso’s regime, which he qualifies as the most corrupt in the history of Congo. He also accuses the current Congolese government of having destroyed the health and education systems of the country. In short, in his opinion, Denis Sassou Nguesso has destroyed the basic fabric of the nation. He is also one amongst the many who are vocally against the change of the January 2002 constitution that will allow the president to stand for a third term of which he is constitutionally barred. He is a meticulous and a hard working man who is perhaps the most feared by the ruling party and its supporters. Operating within the so called radical wing of the opposition of which, he is a member, he is the ideologue.  In reality the so-called radical wing of the Congolese opposition are in the group that represents the will of the majority of the Congolese people.  Besides working as a team, he has his own political party. He is the head of a political party called: Partie Sociale et Democrate Congolais or Congolese Social and Democratic Party abbreviated in French as PSDC. It is a party that sadly lost the 2012 legislative elections to an affiliate party of the ruling Congolese Workers Party abbreviated CPR and headed by a certain character that only the ruling party can produce called Aime Hydervert Moungny.

In spite that electoral set back, Clement Mierassa is perhaps the most dangerous adversary of the system. Hence, Jean Francois Ndenguet who is fronting for Jean Dominique Okemba, the nephew of the President and also his special adviser, once wanted to use Francois Bikindou, a journalist and publisher of a newspaper sponsored by Jean Francois Ndenguet called Le Troubadour to try to convince Mierassa to break away from the so called radical opposition wing. In spite all the attempts to make him decamp from the opposition that has always failed, the government mindful of his creative and intellectual capacity has not ceased to invent ways and means to try to buy him over. Unlike others, he has resisted all attempts of taking or buying him over by the system. He is a man of dignity and integrity. The fact that all governments attempts at corrupting him have failed is a unique prove and testimony of his integrity in a country where it is very easy to corrupt people.  Another evidence of his strategic way of thinking, is that, he was the one along with blogger and prodemocracy activists such as Patrick Eric Mampouya, Wifried Kivouvou, politicians Guy-Romain Kinfossia and Mathias Dzon behind the creation of an anti-constitutional change campaign group called Convention Citoyen pour le Respect de l’ordre Constitutionelle. He also played a grand role for its spokeswoman called Gilda Rosemonde Montsara Ngambo to be selected.  

He is excellent   at pinpointing the excessive corrupt nature of the government and all this with proves.  However, his only handicap is that, he is not rich as his friend Mathias Dzon. If he were a wealthy man and being courageous as he is, he would have been able to organize daily protest marches every day in Congo. Clement Mierassa is therefore a force to be counted upon in the new Congo after Denis Sassou Nguesso that the opposition will painstakingly attempt to build.  But unlike Clement Mierassa who is ready to die, the rest of the opposition is not ready to pay the ultimate price. Most want to go to heaven but, they don’t want to die.  And that is the problem of the Congolese opposition, which it must be said, is not only weak but disorganized and full of people who are ready at all time to betray. Fortunately, it has people within it such as Clement Mierassa.

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