Thursday, May 5, 2016

Alphonse Ndongo: Profile of an excellent journalist specialized in economy and finance

Alphonse Ndongo: he is another excellent journalist specialized in economy and finance. It is rare for pressmen and women, not only in Congo, but also within the sub region to develop any interest in the financial sector. Hence, I consider Alphonse Ndongo to be a gem in the profession. Besides being hard working, he has an extraordinary mastery of Congo’s social engineering and also the unique behavior of most of its elite. He is also a keen observer of the political milieu: majority and opposition. He is capable to predict upcoming political events in the country with an exceptional precision, which is only compared to that of a fortune teller. Alphonse Ndongo also knows how to take shrewd distances. He also makes observations or comments on social and political matters without any favoritism. But one thing with him is that, he does know how to avoid risk taking, for he knows too well how violent Congo’s political elite are, especially those who are in power. For those ruling Congo at present, with their tribalo-Christian neo nationalism ideology, are an intolerant lot, who will stand at nothing to kill, rape or brutalize anybody whose views are  different from theirs. The people governing Congo at moment are to say the least, are a brutal setup whose actions are akin to savagery.  Alphonse Ndongo is a professional journalist who doesn’t take sides and tries in his analysis to be objective.

It is a quality that most local journalists eschew and this, at their professional detriment. But whatever the distances that he may take, in Congo, the government doesn’t like professional journalists.The Congolese government hates professional journalists like Alphonse because, whatever the cautions or prudence that, they may employ, the government is aware that, any professional journalists will at the end discover and expose their excesses. That is the reason why, I am always afraid of his safety and future in a Congo under Denis Sassou Nguesso.  He is married and has a single daughter. He works concomitantly for the French language pan African economic oriented magazine: Jeune Afrique Economie and also for the bimonthly newspapers, Congo-Brazzanews and Terrafrica. 

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