Friday, April 29, 2016

Tresor Nzila: Profile of a soft spoken Human rights defender

Tresor Nzila: he is the executive secretary general of the Organisation Congolaise des Droit de L’homme, OCDH. It is a human rights defense group. Unlike similar NGOs managed by individuals such Cephas Germain Ewangui and other pro-government groups, OCDH, currently led by Tresor Nzila is a real and genuine human rights defense body. Hence, OCDH is subject to regular police harassments. Tresor Nzila is a young gentleman who now assumes the role formerly held by Roger Owoko. Mr Owoko is a man whose audacity and persistence, gave sleepless nights to the Congolese government, a government that abuses its own citizens but is paradoxically determined to cover up its maltreatments. Roger Owoko, the predecessor of Tresor Nzila was firm in his positions and more, he was able to the alarm the government by disclose to the world the brutalities’ of Denis Sassou Nguesso. Tresor Nzila will certainly not only keep the flaming glowing, he will also make his own mark. From his looks, Tresor Nzila is the antithesis of his predecessor. He looks frail and he is soft spoken.

However, what they share in common is their determination to expose the excesses of the government. The Congo administration is a government that uses torture, rape and assassinations as its prime method to subjugate the population. Tresor Nzila is the type of person needed in the current fight. For his role will certainly contribute to implant in the  minds of those working for the government and also ordinary Congolese, not only the spirit of genuine democracy and the respect for human rights, but to make the respect for human rights to become part and parcel of daily life in the country. It is not going to be easy, but Tresor is fit and well prepared for the job to defend human rights, in a country where abuses are encouraged and supported by the government. He will above all, succeed because he doesn’t only love what he is doing, he is a methodic and strategic thinker.

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