Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Leon Juste Imbombo: profile of a Born again Christian at the service of an evil regime

Leon Juste Imbombo: he is a trendy political figure who is young, zealous and also an energetic supporter of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. He is a first and foremost, a born again Christian, who likes to claim that, he is doing politics differently. He also claims that, he is fighting for Jesus Christ. While most politicians say things that, they don’t believe in it, Leon Juste Imbombo is different. We might not like what he believes in, but it is his right to choose the path that, he has chosen. He is a diehard supporter of President Denis Sassou Nguesso to a point that, he has developed an ideology known as “Sassouism,” which is aimed at promoting the thoughts of the President of Congo.  But what really are the ideologies of President Denis Sassou Nguesso? It is a question that, Leon Juste Imbombo, struggles to answer other than claiming that, it is amongst other things to consolidate peace and stability in the country. As a good practicing Christian, Leon Juste Imbombo is married to a journalist by name Carine Oyoma. He also respects strict Christian norms and attains service every Sunday with his family, where he sometimes preaches. While Leon Juste claims to be a Christian, he is contradictory, in the way he does things. For true Christians support the truth, whereas he is supporting an illegal and also a constitutional lie, which wants the president to bend the rules in order to enable President Sassou Nguesso to stand for a third of which, he is constitutionally barred.  

Were he an honest Christian, like Apostle Paul, he would have at the risk of his life spoken the truth to the president and his supporters, which, his plans to change the constitution is legally and also wrong theocratic-wise. Leon Juste Imbombo, who has three children, now heads a platform of 500 political associations and groups of NGOs code named: M2NR. This umbrella association is sponsored by Edgard Sassou Nguesso, the nephew of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. The objective of this umbrella organization is to promote a new political, socio-economic and cultural order in Congo. A new order, that Leon Juste claims, will be guided by biblical norms. He has a kind of messianic view in a country whose ruling elite have conducts that are akin to those of elite in biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. But most importantly, what is hidden behind the theocratic  propaganda of Leon Juste Imbombo is the perpetuation of Denis Sassou Nguesso in power  through the change of the January 20th, 2002 constitution, that bars his champion from standing for a third presidential mandate. Leon Juste Imbombo may be a diehard supporter of President Denis Sassou Nguesso, but his attitude of trying to change the rule of the democratic game during full playing time, is also the very reason why Congo and most of the continent are not respected. His behavior is sadly shared by most African elite, especially those within the central African sub region. They put first their interest and those of their family, before the collective interest of the nation.

Leon Juste Imbombo is a graduate of the Ecole des Haute Etude en Science Sociale of Paris and currently, he is the head of the Communications department at the National Commission for the Fight against Corruption. A government body that has never prosecuted any government official for the purpose for which it was created. He is nevertheless, a person who will certainly play a role in Congo in case President Denis Sassou Nguesso succeeds in changing the constitution and this, for a long time even if Denis Sassou Nguesso is gone, for he is a trendy political figure who blends politics with evangelical Christian teachings of moral rectitude. I have noticed two things with him. He is sincere in his support of President Denis Sassou Nguesso, for he believes that, president Denis Sassou Nguesso is the only one fit to rule and save Congo. Secondly, traumatized by his experience in France, he doesn’t want to go back. Hence he thinks and believes that, Denis Sassou Nguesso is the only person who can avoid or prevent him from going back into exile.  However, it is a paradox for a man who is a Christian, to be putting his hopes in an earthly man, who is not eternal and who is also subject to influences and changes.

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