Thursday, April 28, 2016

Amédée Bernard Nganga: Profile of a legal or judicial Robin Hood

Amédée Bernard Nganga: He is a lawyer and human rights activist. And importantly, he is the antithesis of Cephas Germain Ewangui. Why? It is simply because, while Amédée Bernard Nganga is a genuine human rights and prodemocracy activists, Cephas Germain Ewangui is a fake human rights and prodemocracy activists. Ewangui works for the government whereas Nganga works for the people. He is a legal or judicial Robin Hood. And because lawyer Nganga is genuine, hence he is constantly harassed by a regime that doesn’t stand people like him. He is brilliant, bold and independent minded. Amédée Bernard Nganga is a member of the France and Congo Bar Councils. He is amongst the very few lawyers in the country who won’t trade their legal positions or professions for money. In short, his integrity is not for sale. His boldness has been demonstrated by the fact that, like his colleague and friend, Herve Ambroise Malonga, he is willing to defend lost cases such as the trial of Colonel Marcel Nstourou. For all the theatrics staged by the government around the trial of Colonel Marcel Nstourou and others, accused of having caused the March 4th 2012 explosions, that took place in an ammunition depot, north of Brazzaville, everyone knew that, the verdict would be a miscarriage of justice. And this was confirmed by the fact that, the government immediately appealed the ruling of the Brazzaville high court and appointed new judges, who were not independent. His positions on social issues more often, put him at odd with the government. The fact that, he is constantly at war or loggerhead with the government that doesn’t want  independent minded  journalists and also that doesn’t want to have an independent judiciary, is a testament to his resolve and unshakable stands against injustice.

The excessive use of force or overreactions from the government from any social demands from the population is an indication that, the regime is on the brink of collapse, hence their brutality.  On the 29th of April 2015, he was suspended from the Congolese Bar Council, by the Supreme Court on the instructions of the Minister of Justice, Aime Emmanuel Yoka. His suspension means he is banned from legal practice in the country.  According to the ruling or communiqué, from the ministry of Justice, Lawyer Nganga was banned because of insults and use of derogatory languages toward the Supreme Court and its decisions. Put simply, Lawyer Nganga was not satisfied with the verdict of the Supreme Court on his client, Colonel Marcel Nstourou. His crime was to have openly voiced his dissatisfaction.  Lawyer Nganga who is currently in exile in France, because his life was no longer safe in Congo, after his home was attacked by government thugs, still has major a role to play in Congo and his boldness and refreshingly joyous characteristic, is an aspect seldom seen from people like him, who are subject of persecution from an intolerant and autocratic regime. Amédée Bernard Nganga is also known as the smiling lawyer and respected by his peers, top among them, is former Justice Minister and lawyer, Jean Martin Bemba. Regarding Amédée Bernard Nganga, Jean Martin Bemba simply says in french that: c’est un homme.

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