Wednesday, July 26, 2017

X Oil Congo (Lynx Energy) another Denis Christel’s tentacles

Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso also has stakes in the Congolese subsidiary of a Swiss Oil exploration and marketing company known as Lynx Energy. In Congo Brazzaville, Lynx Energy is known as X OIL, formerly Puma. And X OIL is the second fuel distributing company in the country after the French multinational, Total, with several fuel retailing stations.  The subsidiary of the Swiss company in Congo doesn’t only do business with Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso; she equally does business with Maurice Nguesso. How?  Through Maurice Nguesso’s boat towing and vessels managing company, NGM trading, currently known as NGM Congo. The boat towing and vessels of Maurice Nguesso’s company plies the Congo River and transports fuel and other goods between Brazzaville, Betou in the north and Mbandaka in the DRC.  X Oil uses the services of Maurice Nguesso’s NGM Company to transport oil from Matadi in the DRC to Brazzaville and also to Mbandaka in the DRC. Besides being into business deals with Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso and his uncle Maurice, X Oil is also into business transaction with Mrs. Antoinette Nguesso. The building that houses the headquarters of X Oil in Congo is owned by the first lady of Congo and this way, the Swiss based company is certain that all members of the ruling family have a share in the pie, thus facilitating their operations in the country. Besides being into fuel distribution, Denis Christel is also into oil exploration.

Willy Etoka & Youcef Abass

However this time around, Denis Christel operates through a straw man called Willy Etoka. Through Willy Etoka, Denis Christel controls strings of oil wells in the north of Congo and the main oil well that he owns one is called Likouala, named after the region that the well is situated. According to those in the know, the Likouala oil field was abandoned by Total SA because of apparent low oil yields and high operational cost. It was taken over in a joint venture with a certain Youcef Abass, from the United Arab Emirates. Mr Abass himself had an oil exploration company called Piliatus that had oil exploration license around the Mossaka basin. The drilling materials for Piliatus were transported from Brazzaville to Mossaka by NGM Congo.   Likouala Oil, officially owned by Willy Etoka is now called Petroleum SA and not to be confused with the other the Petroleum owned by Maurice Nguesso, based in Pointe Noire and which specializes in services on oil rigs. Denis Christel’s tentacles doesn’t end with the above, he is also in the financial sector. He owns a finance company called La Financier and once again through a surrogate: Innocent Dimi.  He is also into agro-industry and again through Willy Etoka and his new company is called Huilka, whose new name is Eco Oil.

Abraham Okoko

In order to improve his image, Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso is equally into philanthropy. He is the promoter of a foundation known as Perspective D’Avenir. This foundation is headed by Reverend Father Abraham Okoko. Perspective D’Avenir doesn’t not only serve to launder his image through his selective generosity to the people that his father and his family have helped to impoverish  through bad governance , it is also a front or platform under which he plans to succeed his father by 2012 or 2023 . Although he is among the richest members of the family, Denis Christel still serves as conduit in return for cash for any investor that want to meet his father.

Denis Gokana

The other major actor playing the role of straw man for the family, in particular the President of the Republic, Denis Sassou Nguesso, is Denis Gokana. He was the former General Manager of the Societe Nationale des Petrole du Congo, SNPC and currently he is the special adviser to the President in charge of Hydrocarbons. Besides the latter function, politically, he is the ruling PCT party’s MP for Mboundji and member of the Politburo of the same party. In business, he is the owner of a small, but rising Oil exploration and Exploitation Company called Africa Gas and Oil Congo, AOGC. His company bought an oil well called Pointe Indienne off the coast of Pointe Noire and 48 km of pipeline for just $ 150 thousand. After X Oil, AGOC is the third fuel distribution company in Congo. They have even over taken SNPC distribution that has also started owning fuel filling stations around the country. It is believed that, the real owner of AGOC is not Denis Gokana, but President Denis Sassou Nguesso. However, it is difficult to prove, because, most instructions from the President and other transactions are carried out orally.

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