Thursday, June 8, 2017

How male success is evaluated in Congo Brazzaville

In other parts of Africa or in the greater western part of Cameroon, success is measured by the level of your education or how successful you are in business.  However, in Congo, it is a different ballgame. Their standards for success are different. A successful Congolese elite is first judged by how well furnished is his/her wardrobe. He/she must always be properly dressed, speaks French with a Parisian accent, have expensive French perfumes and also have some French etiquette. The latter are just the basics. To acquire fame to a point of becoming the fix for gossips, any successful Congolese elite, must not only be regularly well dressed, he must have a beautiful wife, who must preferably be light skin or light in complexion. It partly explains why Congolese women like using whitening body lotions. The icing on the cake is that, if the said wife was seized from a rival, it creates a special spark and pride. Finally, any successful Congolese elite must also have the latest car: preferably a Japanese SUV or an American made SUV, for it is now the trend and also have a nice house with Greek or Roman Colonnades. The other criteria for success are for the elite to possess the latest mobile phone, preferably, the latest IPHONE. 

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