Friday, June 9, 2017

Congo Brazzaville’s brand of Journalism

Explanations on why Congolese elite prefer praise & flattery

If Congolese political and business elite love excessive praise, there is a raison. According to Professor Gregroire Lefouoba: “it is only through flattery and praise that some Congolese authorities can accede to any demands from his or her interlocutor. He adds: “this unique culture is a blend of African culture and also the long practice of communism, a system that thrives on praise and propaganda, which are more often lies”. He concludes: “It is the combination of African culture, communism and the influence of France that has destroyed the country and made Congolese elite to enjoy flattery and praise”. Professor Gregroire Lefouoba quickly adds: “as vile as communism may have been, she was equally a system that had some positive aspects, but all the positives in Communism, have been discarded by those currently in power in Brazzaville, who have destroyed everything, including the elementary fabric of the country, which is the family”.

Congo’s brand of Journalism

Professor Gregroire Lefouoba also points out that: “Communism has also negatively influenced the Congolese press and hence, most of its journalists, also have a culture of praise with little room for criticism and the complete absence of investigative journalism”. It explains why, there is a journalism brand in Congo today known in Lingala as “Koteka Ekolo te” or in English: don’t betray the fatherland. In other words, it is patriotic journalism. This will be explained in the chapter on Kleptocracy.These brand of Congolese journalism warrants that, praises should be heaped on leaders and country and very little or no room for criticisms.

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