Thursday, June 15, 2017

Congo Brazzaville: why are old male members of the PCT high consumers of aphrodisiacs?

Refusing to grow old:

Another characteristic that I have observed with most Congolese elite, especially males is that, while they accept to be called Yaya, most prefer to be called: “Grand frère” and paradoxically women who would not want to be linked to anything old, prefer to be called "MAMA". In Congo it is the men who don’t want to have any reference to their ages and not the women.

Why Congolese men don’t want to be called Papa

There is a reason why some Congolese Men don’t want to be called Papa. It is simply because calling them Papa means to them, that, you are indirectly refusing them from dating younger girls, which to them, is not only a sign of their permanent juvenile nature but also a sign of their political power and wealth.  Some old men in Congo, especially those in power have an insatiable lust for young girls to point that, if they were in a civilize country; most would have been arrested for pedophilia. Furthermore, their insatiable yearn for underage girls could easily make the country to be ranked, among the highest consumers of aphrodisiacs in Africa and even in the world. Anyway, during my stay and research, I didn’t come across any such statistics and I doubt whether there are any known import statistics of Viagra in Congo. But I am convinced that, if findings were made Congo could top the chart of consumers on the continent. Congolese elite don’t only consume western made aphrodisiacs; they are also champions in the consumption of a locally produced aphrodisiac: Encorou. It is claimed by users that, the best quality locally produced sexual enhancement drugs: Encorou, are imported from Lubumbashi in the DRC.


The adverse effect in the abusive usage of sexual enhancement drugs by old political barons in Congo is the rising number of sudden deaths in the process of attempting to show sexual vigor in bed to young girls. And in Congo, whenever one old influential politician who belongs to the ruling PCT party dies in the latter situation, it is euphemistically claimed that, he died in action or as it is put in French: “il est mort en action”. However, officially, it is almost always claimed that, he died of cardiac arrest.

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