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Aimé Hydevert Mouagni MP: Profile a a firsthand survivalist

Aimé Hydevert Mouagni MP: he is the chair of a political party called Club Perspectives et Réalités, in French or in English, Reality and Perspective Club, abbreviated CPR. Aimé Hydevert Mouagni would have been the perfect example of what makes true multiparty democracy the best form of human governance, given the caliber of people that it sometimes produces to lead. But sadly, he is everything, but a product of democracy. He is instead the product of a rotten and an amoral system instituted by Denis Sassou Nguesso. The crime, which is also the sins of Denis Sassou Nguesso and this according to Jean Marie Tassoua, is that, he has forsaken along the way, all those who supported him and made him to become what he is today. Denis Sassou Nguesso has forsaken his true friends and supporters for his family and new friends, whose only ambition is to enrich themselves. Jean Marie Tassoua goes on: all those who left Pascal Lissouba to follow Denis Sassou Nguesso, may not have been angels, but they nonetheless had an ideal and also a goal to achieve. Their goal was a different Congo, which they hoped under Sassou Nguesso, would be free from corruption, tribalism, political violence and all the ills of Pascal Lissouba. But the new friends and family members of Denis Sassou Nguesso have no plans or ideals, which can make people to forget Pascal Lissouba’s government. Instead things are worse under Denis Sassou Nguesso. He concluded.  As for Aime Hydevert Mouagni, he may have fought as a militia for Denis Sassou Nguesso and only believes Denis Sassou Nguesso, but that is not enough. His conduct is at variance with those of any group of people who have a balance and rational view of Congo and the world. Hence Aimé Hydervert Mouagni deserves no praise, because he is not a product or hard work or democracy, but of a system that is corrupt and is breeding a combustible mix of tribalo-Christian-neo nationalism.

It is a system that celebrates deviant sexual life, corruption, immorality of all sorts and the non respect of national and international law. It is also a system that believes in the use of brutal force. Its visible and noble proponents are Leon Juste Imbombo, Arlette Soudan Nonault and Alain Akouala. They hide themselves under dubious claims of revival of national and African traditions to distil a venomous ideology that is alien to the African values that they claim to extol. For African values is not synonymous to duplicity, violence and immorality, as practiced by the Sassou Nguesso’s regime. The grand ideologue of this counterfeit Congolese and African nationalism is Theophile Obenga, a specialist of ancient Egyptian history. Aimé Hydevert Mouagni is a product of the dubious system that would turn against it founders one day. He is an assertive and violent person. It is also clear whenever you sit to converse with Aimé Hydevert Mouagni, that, he is a controversial Member of Parliament for Moungali, a neighbourhood that straddles the south and north of Brazzaville. Aimé Hydevert Mouagni is every inch a rogue and also an erratic person. He is sickeningly incoherent in the way he speaks, especially to journalists and to some politicians.  In spite all the above description of a perfect a character or product of the tribalo-Christian-neo nationalism, honesty requires me to state here on albeit with pain that, Aimé Hydevert Mouagni is not an all round stupid man as some may claim. Some of his detractors have gone the extra mile to call him a marionette. But he is everything but a marionette. He knows what he wants and certainly has a goal or objective.   

To reach those, he can count on his ruse. He has the cunning attitude of an animal or of a man who has spent time on the street or in prison. His supporters as well as his detractors, who ignore him, are doing that, at their own risk. How can he be a fool  when he has a formidable network of informants that, he has introduce within most militia groups, political parties, civil society organisations and even in the press? This network feeds him back with information. However, he is mindful of his many handicaps among which is, intellectual. However, where Aimé Hydevert Mouagni outsmarts everyone is that, like a true street boy and a firsthand survivalist, he masters not only the Congolese society but also the ruling elite, in particular the Nguessos, which he claims to be a member of their large family. The Nguessos have an elastic family that keeps expanding as the time of their father and uncle is prolonged at the summit of the country. And sometimes, it is hard to distinguish the genuine Nguessos from the fake. He knows that, he lives in a society and in a world that judges’ people mostly on appearances, in particular, the depth of his/her pocket. 

Hence, whenever he wants to impress his audience, especially the Nguessos, pressmen and women and other intellectually and economically challenged persons, seeking his grants, he uses words and phrases that, he invents or coins, instantly. He could even create his own dictionary for all his created new words. Again, Aimé Hydervert Mouagni is not a fool, as some of his detractors’ claims. Another example is that, he entertains a formidable mystery on his ancestry and regional attachments in a country that is much divided along tribal lines. He is a northerner, when he is with northerners and a southerner, when he is with southerners.  Sometimes, he claims to have studied in an unknown French University, but his is academically adrift level, is quickly always exposes him. And to shield it he becomes verbose. I think he does that, because, he knows that, his Nguesso milieu is a place, where only money matters and education is not valued, but anyone who is well educated and speaks French like a French man from Paris, is respected.

That is the paradox that Denis Sassou Nguesso, who has destroyed Congo, by instituting immorality as a way of life, has done. We may hate or love Aimé Hydervert Mouagni, because he is the product of the current regime, but as I have written above, he is not stupid. the fact that he has been able to succeed in convincing the likes of Hughes Ngouelondele, who is the Lord Mayor of the Brazzaville Greater City Council and Denis-Christel Sassou Nguesso, who is the son of the president of the republic to support him financially in his political ambition to point of making him a member of parliament, shows that, he is an intelligent man and not a fool as claimed by some of his supporters and detractors. His 2012 legislative elections campaign against Clement Mierassa was finance by Denis Christel Sassou Nguesso to the tune of FCFA 300 million, funds gotten from state coffers. Hence, he had the upper hand against Clement Mierassa.  But It is also not entirely clear whether he won or got his way to parliament simply because he had deep pockets. However, Clement Mierassa claims that, Aimé Hydervert Mouagni   won through vote rigging. It is an accusation that Aimé Hydervert Mouagni rejects with a wave of his hand. 

He says that, he defeated Clement Mierassa hands down. He might be correct, because Clement Mierassa had no money. Clement Mierassa could hardly print two or three banners or buy advertorial spaces on Radio, TV or even in newspapers. To be honest, politics today is not only done with idealism, it is accompanied with money. Officially, Aimé Hydervert Mouagni is an independent candidate and leading an independent party, but the reality is that, he is a satellite of the ruling PCT party. For as the saying goes: he who pays the piper dictates the tune and his funding for his campaign came from the son of the President and the son in law to the president. How can he be an independent? Aimé Hydevert Mouagny is a member of the foreign affairs commission at the national assembly. But I don’t know what he speaks or says there, for a man who has little international culture of his own and who also repeats like a parrot, all what he listens on foreign media made by some specialists of international relations. While he always behaves like someone who is permanently drunk and drugged, he sometimes have some moments of sanity at which times, he expresses coherent thoughts.

These rare moments are the periods when he expresses doubts with the way the country is being governed by the President. He even once told me that, he is against the change of the constitution, especially if it was done to favour the stranglehold of the children of the president and his family on power. He also added: the president has allowed himself to be ill advised by people whose only interest is to line their pockets. This simply means that, Aimé Hydevert Mouagni might one day, turn against them, if they cease to give him what he wants. In other words, he is a ticking time bomb or monster, who might one day turn against the regime, his creator. While waiting for his true self to be revealed and this at the detriment of the system and those supporting him, credit would have been given to the lone Member of Parliament of his party, had he been that, he won his seat honestly or if he were humble and treated elderly persons with respect. Or play a primordial role in parliament in defense of the electoral constituency that he represents. Unfortunately, he is bigheaded. Once, I wanted to have him debate with Clement Mierassa, his rival during the 2012 legislative elections. Mindful that, he could not debate with Clement Mierassa, he decided to pay a lady FCFA 1 million, in order for her to break into the studio during the live programme and to claim that, Clement Mierassa had raped her. That shows where he truly comes from, the street and thus, he believes and behaves in gang-star politics or politics of blackmail.

Fortunately for me I got hold of his sinister plans before and I decided to drop the idea of any debate, between him and Clement Mierassa. The only thing that, I think he is correct in, whenever he boast  is that, he is what he is today because of  hard work and ingenuity.  In fact, he is an MP for Moungali. Aimé Hydevert Mouagni will certainly not have any positive role to play in the present political scene. He might instead become a nuisance to peace, for he could easily return to what he was: a cobra militiaman.  He was a cobra militiaman during the 1997 civil war. He is also being accused of having taken part in advance fee fraud or 419, while in France and because of that, he is reported to have spent some time in French jails. It is an allegation that I don’t know whether it is true or false and I have also never wanted to verify, even though I am aware that, it is not a good thing professionally to ignore such vital details. 

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