Friday, April 29, 2016

Christian Mounzeo: Profile of a Poineer corruption fighter

Christian Mounzeo: he is the coordinator of an organisation in Congo called: publish what you pay and he is  also a member of another organization called Rencontre pour la Paix et les Droit de L’homme abbreviated RPDH. While present all over the country, RDPH is headquartered in Pointe Noire, the commercial capital of Congo. He always works in tandem with Brice Mackosso. They both made headlines in 2004, when they angered the government with their campaign aimed at making mandatory for the marketing and the sales of Congolese crude oil to the international market, to become transparent. The aim of their campaign was to let the people know how many barrel of oil was produced in Congo and when sold, how much did it generate and what did the government use the funds for. Until they began their campaign, the sales of crude oil, the main source of income for the country, was wrapped in a thick veil. They have partly won. Because of their campaign, the government has been finally forced to adhere to the extractive mining initiative.

The Congolese oil sector is not free from corruption, but at least today, Congolese know that, their government is corrupt. And it is a constant recipe for national revolt. The action of Christian Mounzeo and Brice Mackosso was a classic example how and what an energetic and independent civil society organization can achieve in a country such as Congo. And the irony is that, the government creates its own civil society organisations in order not to have or see emerge another RPDH or OCDH in Congo. Christian Mounzeo is an easy going and affable man, who is ready to help the weak and the marginalized. The city of Pointe Noire has become the epicenter of all kinds of abuses carried out by the president, his children, family members and his friends. It partly explains why, RPDH, besides keeping a hawk eye on how Congolese oil wealth is sold, managed and spend, RPDH also offers legal assistance to people in Point Noire whose properties and lands are more often than not, expropriated  by the rich, powerful and politically well connected happy few ruling class.

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