Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ninelle Sassou Nguesso: the hawk of the Nguesso family

That said, in working at MNTV, I sensed all the limitations not only of the ruling family, but also of the entire country. I knew that, I had an uphill task to practice my profession independently. However my first battle did not start, where I expected, that is: with the state security services. My first battle began within the ruling Nguesso family. The Nguesso ruling family was my first battle front and also the most challenging. This was so because, I had to fight with a section of a group of people, who felt that, they had divine benediction to rule Congo forever. And also because of their financial and political power, they have been made by the armies of sycophants surrounding them to think that, they were the most brilliant. But it was not difficult to see that, most of the children of the President were not intelligent, inventive nor creative. For they almost all did the same thing. Their greatest investments or creations were foundations. While others tried their hands in service sectors with common denominators: chaotic management and worst, those who work for them were/are seldom paid. 

And in that battle that I wedged through proxy with a section of the ruling family, I had as my best defender, Mrs. Lydie Hortense Kourissa. And Mrs. Kourissa did this because of three things: she wanted her father’s media house to succeed, she liked and admired the way I was doing my job and thought it will be beneficial to their family and thirdly, as a Christian, she has some conscience. Jean-Bruno Obambi and Olga Mireille Pethas were the ones who brought me the message how Mrs Lydie Hortense Kourissa was my bulwark in front of the ferocious attacks that I was receiving from some of her sisters, brothers and cousins. Mrs. Olga Blanche Mireille Pethas was the private secretary of Mrs. Kourissa when she was the general manager of MNCOM.  Besides working with her at MNCOM, she also assisted Mrs. Kourissa whenever, she had to organize the regular family parties or weddings and other activities that the ruling Nguesso were fond off. 

As for Jean-Bruno OBAMBI, who is a member of the ruling family, he once told me at the Starland Hotel in Douala-Cameroon, where we went to attend a conference organized by Eutelsat, that, during their family meetings, their debates almost always centered on my name. According to the online dictionary Wikipedia, Eutelsat is a French-based satellite provider. That is providing coverage to the entire European continent as well as the Middle East, Africa, India and significant parts of Asia and the Americas. Eutelsat, was founded in 1977 and it is also one of the world’s three leading satellite operators in terms of revenues.  And in Douala and to be precise at that Starland Hotel, where I was with Obambi, we came to attend a conference organized by Eutelsat. The French based satellite operator gathered  selected directors of privately owned media of Cameroon, Congo, DRC and Gabon to brief us to join a new satellite that they wanted to launch and which they hope as its grows will rival another French company predominant in French-speaking Africa called Canal Sat Horizon.  Jean-Bruno OBAMBI insisted to me that, a commanding section of the ruling family almost always asked Mrs. KOURISSA to terminate my contract. 

And at the head of those battling or confronting me was Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, the hawk of the Nguesso family.  She is like most daughters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Although married to Hugues Ngouelondele MP , the Lord Mayor of the Greater Brazzaville City Council, she hardly wants to be identified by the name of her husband. They(daughters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso) almost all wants to retain the names of their father, not because they love him so much or their family, but simply because, the Nguesso name is an influential passport in the country. Most Congolese hates Claudia Lemboumba Ikia Sassou Nguesso MP, not because she is actually wicked, but more because she is very close to her father. For some Congolese who hate her claim that, she is not only antipathetic but bellicose. But the ambitions and  ferocity with which Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, the wife of Hugues Ngouelondele puts  to achieve her ambitions is not only full of vendetta it  is coated with an aggressive nature that pales that of Claudia Sassou Nguesso, her half sister. The wickedness of Ninelle Sassou Nguesso, which some people claim that, without the position held by her father, no right thinking man would even accept her for his 10th mistress, not to say tenth wife, is at the image of her physique.

She is claimed by some Congolese to have won the unenviable crown of the ugliest of the daughters of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Personally, I do not share that opinion because, whatever her weaknesses, she remains the creature of God. She is pretty. If she was not, the mayor of Brazzaville won’t have been dying for her. And more, beauty is not only about external appearances. Congolese, who are a people who are very conscious of their physical appearance, also claim that, ugly women are also those who are the wicked. Once again here, I do not share their opinion. As far as I am concern, all women are beautiful. Mr Jean-Bruno Obambi is the CEO of Azur Telecom, a local mobile phone company present in three African countries: Congo, Central African Republic and Gabon. 

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