Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gilda Rosemonde Ngambo:Shrewd and unpredictable (Profile)

She is the spokeswoman of an association known in French as Movement Citoyen pour le Respect de l’ordre Constitutionelle or in English, Citizen Movement for the Respect of Constitutional Order.  It is a popular youth movement created by the opposition to mobilize Congolese against plans by the government to change the constitution of 20th January 2002, which installed two terms presidential limits. Before receiving her as guest in my live Television programme called: La Grande Interview on Friday May 30th 2014 at 8h30 pm, on MNTV, I first met her at Hotel Saphire, where she was working. On that day, she was in the company of another member of their movement by name Wifried Kivouvou. I was struck by her simplicity and her intelligence. And within me, I was saying that, she won’t stay long with the Congolese opposition. I was impressed by her, because, in a country, where rich men in high places, almost all, belonging to the ruling PCT Party, have destroyed young women. It was therefore hard to see a young intelligent lady such as Rosemonde, who accepted to suffer in the opposition and also to be married to a man who was not wealthy.

In short, Rosemonde is different from most Congolese girls, who are mostly crass and mostly animated by materialism.  Some or a majority of Congolese young girls are equal to their male peers in one area: corruption. They almost all have one rallying cry or slogan in French, that goes thus: “Vie ton moment” or in English: “live you’re your moment”. These kind of young girls want to have a Toyota RAV 4 car, a dream trip to Paris or Dubai, as it is currently the trend and also upon return, they are expected to open a boutique at the Marche Moungali. All these expected largesse, is from the deep pocket of an old married and corrupt politician belonging to the ruling PCT party.  30 or more years of PCT rule in Congo, has destroyed the foundation of Congo. Immorality and the culture of immediacy are what reigns in Congo under Denis Sassou Nguesso. Gilda Rosemode Montsara Ngambo, who is a writer, is different and immune to the attractions of cheap shinning, but ephemeral lifestyle that most young women of her generation have chosen. And more, when she decided to enter into politics, she opted for the difficult track, that of the opposition. She is intelligent and bold, with a strong mastery of Congolese politics and also with an extraordinary debating capacity that frightens opponents in the opposition as well as in the majority.  

Thierry Moungalla, Minister of Communications of Congo says that, she is shrewd and unpredictable. While Alain Akouala describes her as the best in her generation with an Olympian calm that is incapacitating.  As for Clement Mierassa, he says: Rosemonde is the example that, there are competent young Congolese in the country.  She is perhaps the best choice that the opposition has ever made in contemporary times. That of selecting a lady not because she is connected to anyone within the hierarchy of the opposition, but she was selected based only on her merit. She is one of the people to be counted on, especially if the opposition comes to power or if, there is any kind of coalition government and if she is given a post of responsibility, she would serve as a role model to many Congolese girls, who only think that, success depends on material possession or getting married to a wealthy old corrupt politician, who is member of the ruling party. Rosemonde is not only a symbol of hope that, there are youthful potentials in the young generation of those who have chosen the opposition, but she is also a symbol of hope to people who think that, the current generation of young men and women in Congo, is one that is lost in the corruption and cheap lifestyle shown to them as examples by those currently ruling the country.  The other lady that I have met is Mrs. Claudine Munari Mabondzou MP. 

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