Monday, December 14, 2015

The legacy of Marien Ngouabi, ignored the Congolese Government

Even though, I have some doubts about Anani Bindji Rabier’s tales, the simple fact that he has some names that are not commonly known in the Marien Ngouabi assassination, provides some relative credibility to his claims and writings. But, his book, when published, may provide the missing link.  The only questions that I have always asked are these: why is it that, President Denis Sassou Nguesso seldom lays a wreath on the tomb of Marien Ngouabi, every March 18th, the day when Marien Ngouabi was killed?  Why has the Marien Ngouabi memorial in Brazzaville been abandoned or neglected, whereas that of Pierre Savorgnon de Brazza is given presidential guidance and sponsorship? Why is his (Marien Ngouabi) memorial not visited by foreign dignitaries visiting Congo, as it is the case when foreign dignitaries are visiting Angola, Russia, China, Turkey, South Sudan and now Venezuela? In the latter mentioned countries, it is an obligation or a diplomatic ritual for all foreign dignitaries to visit the mausoleum or memorial of Augustino Neto, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, John Garang Demabior and Hugo Chavez, in order to lay a wreath in honor of the aforementioned countries national heroes.

However, in Congo it is the reverse, Marien Ngouabi is ignored in  Congo or by the presidential protocol. It is only on March 18th that, the ruling PCT party remembers the man who gave them political and financial power.  Those unanswered questions are also perhaps the reasons why the claim that or the affirmations that, Denis Sassou Nguesso is the assassin of Marien Ngouabi.  True or false, Denis Sassou Nguesso’s attitude is the fodder behind those unsubstantiated claims.  For it is beyond comprehension why Denis Sassou Nguesso is not rendering due respect to the man who made him to become what he is today.  Is Denis Sassou Nguesso having a kind of guilty conscience, hence he can’t visit the tomb or Memorial of Marien Ngouabi? That is questions, which, only President Denis Sassou Nguesso can give an answer to. Having stayed in Congo and socialized with those governing the country, I have come to the conclusion that, Marien Ngouabi had several enemies within and without. It is as though, many people were happy with his death. It may partly explain the reason why, since his death, no one has come forward with convincing evidence to expose the one or the ones who contributed in the death of Marien Ngouabi.

Just as it is difficult to know the truth on the death of Marien Ngouabi, so also, it is difficult to work in Congo as a journalist and also try to carry out investigative reports.  Congolese officials think that, journalists are propagandists and they seldom entertain contradictions. The country is a dormant volcano that can enter into activity at all time. The grand question is this: who killed Marien Ngouabi? No one can really tell in Congo. Are the French, the Cubans, the Soviets or an internal cabal the cause of the death of Marien Ngouabi? That is the best kept Congolese secret, which, the one who will be able to unravel, will also unravel the secret of Congolese contemporary politics. But it is certainly not going to be easy, for Congolese elite and those governing who are professional liars do know the real cause of Marien Ngouabi death, but do not want to tell the truth. These elite have transmitted their lie telling and manipulative skills to most Congolese and which further compounds things. 

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