Sunday, November 22, 2015

Was Marien Ngouabi a disorganized man who never knew what he really wanted?

The assassination of Marien Ngouabi is simply a Congolese tragedy which is as confusing as the country and those running it. The governing elite in Congo are professional liars and manipulators. It is almost impossible to have the truth from their mouths. And still on the assassination of Marien Ngouabi, there are several versions and several suspects and causes, but one name that always stands accused is Denis Sassou Nguesso. Why? It is almost impossible to give an answer. It is an enigma. Marien Ngouabi is or was a person that seems to be loved by many, and yet, none of those alive, at least those that I have met in Congo are willing to say anything. Perhaps, the truth should be hidden abroad. One thing is clear, it will be almost impossible to know the truth on the assassination of Marien Ngouabi. It is also an assassination that also triggered counter assassinations of several other people and in particular, Alphonse Massamba-Debat and Arch Bishop Emile Biayenda.

Then I asked Anani Rabier Bindji: “how come that, Denis Sassou Nguesso had a free hand to operate, the way you seem to have written?” He replied: “it was because; he was the Minister of defense and also in charge of security. Since he had maneuvered in order for Joachim Yhombi-Opango to be sacked as Army Joint Chief of Staff, he therefore had a free hand. He (Denis Sassou Nguesso) was also the one who gave or detached aide de camps to officers including the president. And all those put at the disposition of military officers and the president, were spies working for Denis Sassou Nguesso and that is why, I say he is a born killer”.  Anani Rabier Bindji continued: “Forget all those things written in the biography written in French by Andre Soussan in titled : Un homme d’honneur: le destin exceptionnel d’un enfant de la brousse or in English: a man of honour, the exceptional destiny of a village boy,  which claims that he( Denis Sassou  Nguesso) was initiated into the secret village order or witchcraft society  and thus chosen to lead his family as a Mwene or chief, which presently, he( Denis Sassou Nguesso) confuses or takes  his village of Edou or his family for the  Republic of Congo”.

Anani Rabier Bindji went on: “even if what is written in the book was correct, which I doubt, does it mean that, because Denis Sassou Nguesso was initiated as the chief or Mwene of Edou in their secret cult and which made him to lead his family, entitles him to lead Congo forever as he wants to do now?” Then from nowhere, for that was not the subject or I had not reached on that, Anani Rabier Bindji added: “Libouro Casseur, the driver of Marien Ngouabi was the one who assassinated Bishop Emile Biayenda on the 25th of March 1977”. While I was a little bit confused and surprised, I was nonetheless happy, for I had also wanted to know the assassins of Emile Biayenda and Alphonse Massamba-Debat. “Why did Libouro Casseur, who was the driver of Marien Ngouabi, decide to assassinate Emile Biayenda?” I asked. Anani Rabier Bindji replied:  “officially, Casseur claimed that, he assassinated Bishop Emile Biayenda because, he (Bishop Emile Biayenda) was the last person who had met with President Marien Ngouabi and used his religious powers to weaken Marien Ngouabi’s charms, a process that made Marien Ngouabi vulnerable to bullets”.

Anani Rabier Bindji added: “Libouro Casseur was jailed for 10 years because of his act, but never said whether he acted alone or  whether he was instigated by someone or group of people and after he was freed from jail, he became one of the country’s richest men”.  What miracle did Libouro Casseur operate in jail? How can a simple driver of President Marien Ngouabi, given his boss frugal nature go in jail a poor man and come out as a rich man? Those are the questions posed by Anani Rabier Bindji, which he answers. In order words, Libouro Casseur was simply executing the will of Denis Sassou Nguesso to eliminate physically all those who had met with Marien Ngouabi, before his violent death. As far as Anani Bindji Rabier is concern, it was Denis Sassou Nguesso who orchestrated the death of Marien Ngouabi. But he also said something which puzzled me. He told me that, Marien Ngouabi was also a disorganized man who never knew what he really wanted. 

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