Friday, November 27, 2015

Is the dispute over the expulsion of Dr Cloud, a French gynecologist, the cause of NGOUABI's death?

But as written above, the declarations of Anani Rabier Bindji and others on the assassination of Marien Ngouabi leaves everyone in suspense. It provides more questions than answers. However, I only hope that, when Anani Rabier Bindji’s book will be out, it could provide the missing link, which is if he is honest and courageous enough. But why will he be afraid? He could spill the beans, for he won’t be around anymore to fear for any reprisals. It may explain why, he wants his memoire to be published only after his death.  As promised above, this is another version on the assassination of Marien Ngouabi. This time around, I am basing these other revelations on what a top military officer still in active duty in Congo told me.  Is his account true or false, it is almost impossible to say as already indicated earlier .In the  declarations of the military officer to me, he was also accusing Denis Sassou Nguesso for having assassinated Marien Ngouabi.  Is his information better than those of Anani Rabier Bindji? I can’t tell, but these are what he told me while I was still in Congo.

The said military officer sound very convincing and I would have accepted all what he told me  as the truth had I not met similar people before who all seem convinced and convincing, just to be disappointed later on. He went thus:  “In 1976, that is to say, a year before the assassination of President Marien NGOUABI (Marien NGOUABI was assassinated on March 18th, 1977), Denis Sassou Nguesso ordered the expulsion of Doctor Cloud and his wife from Congo. It was a couple of French gynecologists who have resided in Congo for a while and they were the only two gynecologists in Brazzaville at the time”. “Why were they expelled?” I asked. He replied: “it was simply because Mrs. Antoinette Sassou had been told by the gynecologist to stop harassing him and his wife with her infertility problem (Mrs.  Antoinette was unable to have children) and exceeded, the latter exploded with anger, saying abruptly to Mrs. Antoinette Sassou Nguesso that she would never have more children. Madame Antoinette reported the remarks of Dr. Cloud to Sassou Nguesso. Annoyed, Denis Sassou Nguesso decided to expel Dr Cloud with his wife from Congo, without even informing President Marien Ngouabi of the expulsion (after their expulsion of Congo, the gynecologists couple settled in Gabon)”.

The military officer continued: “And when President Marien Ngouabi learned that Denis Sassou Nguesso had expelled Dr. Cloud and his wife, President Marien Ngouabi grew angry and rebuked Sassou Nguesso before members of the State -Major Special Command.  The State -Major Special Command was a kind of executive ruling military council”.  Members of the State -Major Special Command were: Jean Pierre Thystère Tchikaya and Louis Sylvain Ngombé Ngoma”. He added: “President Marien Ngouabi was so angry against Denis Sassou Nguesso to a point that, he decided to sack him from the post of Defense Minister and Security and also exclude him from the Special military Command Staff”. The State-Major Special Command was created at the PCT or the ruling Congolese Workers Party conference of 12th December 1975. The Special General Command Staff was the highest political authority in the country and it was made up of only 5 members, namely: President Marien Ngouabi , Prime Minister Louis Sylvain Ngoma, Denis Sassou Nguesso in charge with the party organization (PCT) Jean-Pierre Thystère Tchikaya, the Minister of Defense and Security and  Jean-Pierre Ngombé in charge of Youth”.

According to the military officer:  “Denis Sassou Nguesso decided to take the lead and remove President Marien Ngouabi from power or stage a coup d’état, before Marien Ngouabi could sack him (Denis Sassou Nguesso) from the government and the State -Major Special Command, hence the assassination of Marien Ngouabi which took place on March 18th, 1977 which Denis Sassou Nguesso is the genuine author.” He went further:  “it was because of the dispute that opposed President Marien Ngouabi and Denis Sassou Nguesso on the expulsion of Dr Cloud, the real motive for the crime (coup d’état), so to speak. Besides the alleged assassination of Marien Ngouabi as claimed by the Congolese military officer, he also told me that, Denis Sassou Nguesso was also responsible for the assassination of Pierre ANGA. 

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