Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Anani Bindji Rabier: man who claims to know the killer of Marien Ngouabi

To demonstrate that, he was close to late President Omar Bongo Ondimba, Anani Bindji Rabier told me that, he used to serve as a mediator between late President Omar Bongo Ondimba and his political opponents, who were mostly based in Paris, France. He also told me that, he was one of the many intermediaries used by late President Omar Bongo Ondimba to contact the father of late Edith Lucie Sassou Nguesso, who upon her marriage with the late Gabonese leader, became known as Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba. And he added: “Denis Sassou Nguesso never wanted his daughter (late Edith Lucie Sassou Nguesso) to get married to Omar Bongo Ondimba”. I knew this aspect or part of the story because Dr Malot Okemba, one of President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s elaborated networks of nephews.  Dr Malot Okemba had once told about the aforementioned episode. It was in 2009 in his house, located in the northern end of Oyo, if you are going to Owando or Edou or the southern end if you heading back to Brazzaville or into Oyo.

Dr Malot Okemba’s compound is contiguous to that of Jean Dominique Okemba, another nephew of the President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Vice Admiral Jean Dominique Okemba is very influential in the system and also known as Satan. For it is claimed that, he is not only very wicked, he is the one who holds the mystical powers of the President of the Republic.  And Dr Malot Okemba’s compound is only separated to that of Jean Dominique Okemba by a shallow stream and small forested marshy land. Anani Bindji Rabier also told me that, late Omar Bongo Ondimba was not Gabonese but from Central African Republic. To support his claim, he told me that, in what he (late Omar Bongo Ondimba) called as his native village in Gabon; they were the only ones with the name Bongo. Here again, I don’t know whether I should to believe Anani Bindji Rabier or not. For in Congo, it is also claimed that, Late Omar Bongo was Congolese, for I have personally visited the school where he attended in the Congolese town and district of the same name called Zanaga. Zanaga, which is rich with iron ore, is located in the Lekoumou prefecture in the south of Congo and not far from the Gabonese border.

Anani Bindji Rabier has worked in France for French language pan African newspapers such as Jeune Afrique and Afrique-Asie. Anani Bindji Rabier currently works for a Cameroonian Television station called Canal 2 International and he is the host of a popular but controversial programme called La Tribune de L’Histoire.  Anani Bindji Rabier told me on the 1st of October 2015 in the office of Auriol Lonkio Tchatchouang, the director of Human resources of Canal 2 International that, he knows who commandeered the assassination of Commandant Marien Ngouabi. He even added that, he has written a book wherein, he has given ample details on the killer of Marien Ngouabi and also all what he knew about his friend, late President Omar Bongo Ondimba. But, he told me that, his book would only be published after he has departed this world. If one is not a bluff, he won’t make such declarations. Hence, I have decided to include Anani Bindji Rabier’s own version in this book. Although his version narrated here in by me is not going to be as exhaustive as it will be in his own book. Hence it is necessary to share it with you.

For it might turn out to be the missing link that could help solve the puzzle over the enigmatic death of the man who was the hero of poor  and nationalistic Congolese and a villain to the chattering class of the happy few, who are governing Congo today.  As indicated above, it was on the 1st of October 2015 in the office of the Director of Human Resources of Canal 2 International, that, Anani Bindji Rabier told me that, he knew who killed Marien Ngouabi. He also added that, he had written it in his book that will only be published when he is dead. And he also told me on that same day that, he has left a will to the director of Human resources to publish his book after he has left this world. But, I asked to know the reason why, he could not publish his book while he was still alive. He replied that, when you have been close to someone, it is not polite to say all what you knew or know about him while you are still are still alive. 

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