Saturday, September 19, 2015

Paris-Brazzaville : Jean Marie Kassamba and Tele 50 at the service of Joseph Kabila

But since the launching of Tele 50 was a success in term of promoting the realizations or achievements of President Kabila in terms of infrastructural development, he(president Joseph Kabila  decided that, it should become a permanent broadcaster at the service of his propaganda. President Kabila needed such a television, for he is at the head of a country and in particular in the city-province of Kinshasa, a place that is very hostile toward him. The hostility of the people of Kinshasa and most of the DRC with perhaps the only exceptions being the people of the Katanga and eastern DRC stems from the fact that, President Joseph Kabila is viewed not just as a foreigner but mostly   suspected of being a Rwandan Tutsi who is at the service of Paul Kagame.  There have always existed  rivalries between the DRC and Rwanda, but it went one notch up after the 1994 genocide and the support that,  Rwandans and Ugandans gave to former president Laurent Kabila in 1997 to overthrow President Mobutu and also the invasions of 1998 onward of large swath of eastern DRC.

Tele 50 meant to be an ephemeral Television has become permanent. It has become a formidable propaganda tool at the service of one man: Joseph Kabila. And the ideologue of the propaganda is Jean Marie Kasamba, who is a hard working professional journalist albeit at the service of a man who doesn’t have the intention to leave power. Tele 50 is professionally run and it services or productions are professionally done. It is a television whose products and content are done professionally. 

It is one of the rare Television stations in both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo that has a web site and that is also updated regularly.  They are also present on several electronic and multimedia platforms .Their only problem is that, they are one sided. Everything about Joseph Kabila is good. As for 3 Telesud, It was through Keumayou that, Hamed Camille Paraiso, an excellent journalist from Benin was recruited. The others were Christian Mambou, who is not a journalist by profession but a writer of books that were self published, but with little or no impact. Mambou is from the Republic of Congo. He is hard working but sly and with an extraordinary avidity for money. Still under the tutelage of Keumayou, Pascal Boua, from Ivory Coast was employed.  Pascal Boua is not a journalist by profession but a marketing specialist who used to work at the Communications of Alassane Dramane Ouattara at that, he was prime minister of Ivory Coast under late president Felix Houphouet Boigny. 

Pascal Boua also had an implacable hatred for former President Laurent Gbagbo, who he accused of not being an honest man and also not fit to rule Ivory Coast. The news team was made up of the following: Louis Magloire Keumayou, Pascal Boua, Nidyha Palliakara, Christian Mambou, Camille Hamed Paraiso, Patricia Draline, I and technicians. We all worked hard to revive a television station that was ailing because as Constant Nemale was going or as he left, he also left with the manpower. It was while working at 3 A Telesud, that, I came to know Congo, because I used to travel there to cover events. Besides Congo, I also travelled to other African countries such as Ivory Coast, the DRC, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia and a host of others. 

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