Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Paris- Brazzaville: for Sassou Nguesso the lost of Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba was synonymous to the lost of clutches to a cripple.

The son or daughter of your brother or your sister is simply yours. Or put it simply, your son or your daughter. That said, what is certain is that, the proposition or suggestion that was made to me by Rynelle was not taken seriously, but, it did not also fall on deaf ears.  And, when the working situation at 3 A Telesud began to worsen, the idea of going to Congo started resurfacing.   It became all the sudden, very important more than ever, when Omar Bongo Ondimba’s health was deteriorating and the long illness of his wife Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba also began seriously falling apart.  As the health of both the President of Gabon and his wife became wobbly, it also affected 3 A Telesud and more the daily administration of Gabon. Salaries of staff at 3 A Telesud became irregular and I began weighing all options and the suggestions from Rynelle took all its importance. I began thinking of going back to Africa. Honestly speaking, had it not been that, all was not going on well, professionally, for me in France and particularly at 3 A Telesud, I won’t have ever gone back to work in Africa, for having stayed in France for a while, I had developed a negative feeling toward Africa and some of its elite which is not entirely wrong or a mere western influenced prejudice, as it is generally claimed by those intellectuals or elite who are the focus of my wrath and distraught.

For some African elite in particular, those governing have in my view point, no respect for human beings or they are not very different from animals in the way they react or do things. While I have been criticized for always wanting to compare Africa with western society, which might appear, it is true, pretentious, nonetheless, don’t some African intellectuals think that, there are some instances or situations where comparisons can be made? For example in the area of management, why is it that, some so-called African elite, can’t mange well?  Why is it that, some of them are so corrupt? Why can’t they respect basic human right values? Do those African intellectuals or elite need to be a westerner in order to give value to life?  Asking these questions is not tantamount to being biased toward African governing elite.  I know that my present position on some African elite, is hard or will not be appreciated by most Africans, but can anyone tell me how a government official will support the killing or rape of  his or her political adversary and that attracts no criticism?  Can anyone tell me why some African elite will steal funds donated or earmarked for development and instead invest it in wealthy countries?  The way which some African elite and their governments behave is heart breaking.

Some African elite are most of the time inhumane in their way of doing things. All what or all the ills that I use to think about some African elite and political leaders, especially those governing have been proven correct when I was in Congo and also my stay within power circle. It was an explained disgusting experience .My disappointment with most African political elite and even some so-called intellectuals who are unable to speak out or voice their opposition to the atrocious way that some African countries are governed is complete.  I have little or no respect for them and whenever I see or meet with them, I feel like vomiting. They are simply nauseating. Nonetheless, there are some honest and courageous ones who are drowned in the ocean of those who are dishonest. These ones can’t express themselves, for they are marginalized by those who are dishonest, inhumane and corrupt.
The death of Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba, the wife of Gabon’s President and followed by the death of her husband President Omar Ondimba Bongo signaled the coup de grace for 3 A Telesud.  

Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba was the official first child or daughter of President Denis Sassou Nguesso and her death in March 2009 was a great blow to the morale of her father who almost for the first time in his political life considered willingly abandoning the throne of President of the Republic of Congo. President Denis Sassou Nguesso’s morale was affected heavily because; Edith was not only his official first born, but also the most intelligent amongst his 29 children. Furthermore, she was the only one besides his elder brother Maurice Nguesso who was loved by ordinary Congolese. Her lost was synonymous to the lost of clutches to a cripple.  If Edith Lucie Bongo Ondimba were still alive today, some monumental strategic errors being committed by President Denis Sassou Nguesso and which might cause him his prestige and even presidency won’t have been committed. 

It explains why her death also sparked in President Denis Sassou Nguesso the desire to leave the political scene. Denis Sassou Nguesso was convinced to continue by the likes of Isidore Mvouba and Jean Jacques Bouya coupled with the medical assistance from Professor Claude Maylin.  As for Omar Bongo Ondimba, formerly Albert Bernard Bongo, he was the second president of Gabon after the death of Leon Mba. President had his names changed when he became a Muslim, but the mother of Pascaline Bongo Ondimba told me that, he reconverted by to Christianity in his last days. As Omar Bongo Ondimba bowed out of stage, his daughter Pascaline Bongo Ondimba gave the administration of some of her father’s wealth and investments in France to her friend by name Danielle Palazzo Gauthier. Mrs. Gauthier is a lawyer. She is also the niece of Roland Dumas who was not only France’s foreign minister under late President Francois Mitterrand from 1984-1986 and from 1988-1993, he was also the head of France’s constitutional Court from 1995-1999. Besides those posts that Roland Dumas held, he was also a friend to late President Omar Bongo Ondimba.

France’s political elite have always held special relationship with elite of French-speaking African in chief those who are governing. It also partly explains the reason why France has lost its credibility in most of her former colonies in Africa. Mrs. Danielle Palazzo Gauthier has her own chambers located at the prestigious Champ Elysee. It is also reported that, she went or attended the Dauphine University along with Pascaline Bongo Ondimba and that. It is also reported that, it was while they were students that, they knew and befriended each other.  And it was Mrs. Danielle Palazzo Gauthier who brought in a group of whites namely: Charles Villeneuve and Bernard Volker to run 3 A Telesud. It was clear takeover and also a fundamental change from how Jean Philippe Kabore and Louis Magloire Keumayou were running 3 A Telesud. Bernard Volker is a former or retired journalist with the privately owned French TV called TF1. Mr Volker is known to have presented the news in 1968 in full military fatigue. May 1968 was a volatile period in France and it was punctuated by demonstrations and massive general strikes as well as occupation of universities and factory across France. 

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