Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dedication:Working as a journalist in Congo

This book is dedicated to all those who sincerely supported me while I was in Congo. There are certainly many, but on this page, I would like to mention these ones: Alain Akouala Atipault, Alphonse Ndongo, Alida Bienvenu Coddy,Augustine Kallakalla ,Alexandre Pierre Bougha, Bienvenu Okiemi, Clement Mierassa, Donald Ekouela Obami, Rynelle Kourissa,Raudand Pascal Eyangui, Mathias Dzon, Maurice Nguesso,  Mampassi Ngoma Rech,Olga Chinelle Moutonga Tchitembo, Olga Blanche Pethas, Lydie Hortense Kourissa, Joe Washington Ebina Jean De Dieu Kourissa, Jeannout Ondongo, Jean de Paris Bantsimba Leho, Guy Blaise Seydoux, Richy Mfouna Nde, Gustelle Klaire Nkoudissa, Tony Akoli, Kelly Joyce Mbimi,Leon Juste Imbombo, Sadio Kante-Morel,Sam Nick Owosso, Florent N. Koumba, Florent Blaise Nkounkou, Thierry Moungalla ,Michelle Walass, Cyr Ebina and Raymond Zephirin Mboulou.


  1. Dear Elie Smith,I humbly suggest that the name of Mr DSN joins the list of your congolese friends.coz I know that this man-that at one point u called FRIEND- did give u and ur family the best ever holidays u've ever had
    you tried to defend him selling him as a man that liked freedom of expression , in doing so you didn;t even consider the fact that us congolese we knew the man from ....Adam (if I may say). so for us you joined the establishment and tried to make us accept that criminal as a saint. anyway that did not last and today you know now what we've always known.
    take this advice from me.they won't leave u alone, trying time and time again remind you of your cameroonian origins and of all "the good" they did to you. they can even go as far astrying to get ur wife by using money. so ..........up to you
    the second thing I want to say is that you have the tendancy of being very critical of some of your colleagues that were not journalists by formation, but as a professional I am sure you know that there are people that have excelled in that profession without having studied journalism in any university. It will be good for you not to mention these Ivorian,gabonese or whoever else that had nothing to do with your experience in the Congo.concentrate on those that convinced you to go there. those that u met in thereand what u learned from that experirnce +and -
    how did it make u feel when u had to cover upthese bad guys actions by stigmatising the opposition for ex. or when u had to go in the fiery furnace of Ouenze on 04.03.13
    we learn from our experiences pos and neg
    good luck with ur project
    Farrel Stevens (i made a comment on ur art on AAA -see facebook) just in case u want to contact me

    1. Hello,
      Thank you Farrel. It is a my memoir, hence I am focusing on all I have come into contact with. But PLEASE I will like to contact you. And please, I do value comments and criticism as well, for it improves us in what we are doing.